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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a murder mystery tonight, covering three states. investigators are trying to determine how a baltimore native living in north carolina was found dead in massachusetts. that is our big story tonight, a baltimore family trying to figure out just what happened to their 16-year-old son. >> he was found in north carolina, where he had been living, and his body was found mutilated beyond recognition. kai reed spoke with them. he joins us live. >> the family is devastated and desperate to find out what happened to the 16 year-old. his stepmother told me he moved from baltimore to live with his father in charlotte about one year ago. his stepmother. baltimore describes him as a caring boy, who loved sports, the military, and being around here is a large extended family, including 17 brothers and
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sisters. his rotc leader said he had dreams of becoming a marine. >> he liked us enough that we had to send him away sometimes between classes. >> last monday, his body was found mutilated on a rural road, and his father had previously reported him missing in charlotte, north carolina, and there was a hand written note in his pocket, which appears to be a lunch pass with his name written on it. investigators are looking for help in tracing the movement of the teenager. they think he may have gotten a car with friends head to boston in intended to be dropped off at baltimore. another person said it was thought he was running away from home. >> his real father and him used to get into fights, a big fight, and, apparently, that is what
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happened before he left. >> massachusetts investigators traveled to his home, searching for clues. his body could only be identified using fingerprints, and there are two cars, including this 2007 audi in the investigation. they are asking friends here in baltimore if they have any questions about his plans and who he may have been with before he disappeared. they are asking to be called immediately. reporting live, kai reed. >> a 20-room and was shocked just before 4:00 this afternoon. -- a 24 -- 20-year-old man was shot. another case also occurred, and both remain under investigation. tonight, a family and friends gathered to remember a corrections officer that was killed over the weekend. she was found dead inside her
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home. her mother said she and her ex- boyfriend had recently gotten into a fight, and she would not let him into the house. >> they just broke up three weeks ago. she told me she did not want him anymore, and he called me and told me. he had a serious problem. noaid, "she don't want you more." >> police said they found blood but no one inside, and they have yet to locate someone they are calling a person of interest. and in carroll county, a man is in stable condition after he was attacked by an inmate. the officer was attacked yesterday. jennings, who was being held on burglary and theft, he is now facing additional assault and battery charges. >> tonight, is the end of an era at baltimore city hall. [applause]
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she formally announced her retirement. she served the city's ninth district for seven consecutive terms and told her former council members that her final day on the job will be december 6. >> months of negotiations and protests came to the swift conclusion tonight when the city cleared the way for wal-mart to move into the remington neighborhood in baltimore. >> kerry cavanaugh joins us with the latest in tonight's product economy report. kerry? >> residents lined up to welcome wal-mart to the remington area. >> better savings for me and my family. >> some hope to get hired by the retail giant. >> welcome to wal-mart.
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have a nice day. >> he may get the chance now of the city council gave the approval for the 25th street center, which will have wal-mart on the lot long held by anderson automotive, an 11-acre tract that neighbors do not want to fall into decay. >> it would be a breeding area for rats, debris, trash, and all of that, a place for people to hang out. this will bring jobs for younger people and get them off of the corner. >> lawmakers were unsuccessful in getting a single lawmaker to vote against it. they agreed to pay more than minimum wage. >> we desperately need jobs, but we do not need poverty jobs and property development. we need living-wage jobs in support of families. >> paid medical. >> you have got four of your family members, and there used to be five until sam walton died, who art in the top of the
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richest americans -- who are in the top. but the vote for wal-mart does not kill the mandate for a living wage. she is sponsoring a bill. >> i just need one more vote for a city-wide living wage bill for retail workers here, $10.69 an hour. >> i am not opposed to that. something is better than nothing at all. >> it also calls for a low'ee's home improvement shop and other businesses. >> jobs were a hot topic in the city as men and women marched to the baltimore state's center to demand jobs. it is part of the churches united for baltimore jobs, which
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works to give local employer and opportunities for those in the community. the group is demanding a fair share of jobs. >> the people are organized, that they are ready, that they are willing, and that they are ready to work. they will be trains, and when the job begins, we want everybody in this community to be able to work at this job site. >> 40% of those who applied also have prior construction experience. >> and speaking of construction come a much-needed makeover for a baltimore city schools. they announced a new task force today to find $2.5 million plus for construction and renovation. >> there is no question that the condition of buildings impact the ability of children to learn. >> the 10-person task force is made up of city, school, and
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state employees, and recommendations will be submitted in february. >> with a peak travel the looming, some americans, are wanting to get to grandmother's house, and they are talking about pat-downs and full-body scans. there is a video of a little bored with his shirt off, and he sent off a detector, and his father was the one who took his shirt off so they could get a better check of the boy, but it upset many people who watch. the secretary of homeland security says the policies will remain in place. >> and that has upset some holiday travel. we went to thurgood marshall airport today to get the pulse of some folks passing through. >> tamara walker and her kids
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are heading out of town, and she is not concerned. >> i think it is part of being safe and secure for the holidays. >> they work closely with the airlines and tsa, and we expect because of the passenger volume, we do not expect any significant disruptions due to the procedures in place. everyone wants to get to their celebrations, but some are at odds. the use of full-body scans and pat-downs on kids. >> eight teachable moment for the children, and that is what we go through. it is part of life now. >> we want to make sure that everyone gets their say. i am all for it. >> but passengers like thomas shelton do not want tsa guards touching them. >> i think they should calm down a little bit.
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i think there over anxious on some things. would you want me feeling you up? i do not think so. >> shelton would rather see things done differently. >> use the old-fashioned method. you have problems, then proceed. >> i that we should just appreciate that the tsa is doing something to make sure we get there safely. >> if you will be flying out of the airport, and they think you should arrive at least one hour before a domestic flight, and they also encourage you to familiarize yourself to prevent any backups in line. reporting live, sheldon dutes, wbal tv 11 news. >> the thanksgiving holiday, as you know, also kicks off the biggest shopping season of the year, but have you noticed that most retailers already have their christmas stuff out, and that is well before thanksgiving? we found the only department
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store around that is letting thanksgiving linder. much to the delight of shoppers, you will not find anything christmas light at nordstrom stores. or, at least, not yet. >> we wanted to celebrate each holiday in its entirety until we go to the next holiday. >> give us time to be thankful. for a day at least. >> and to digest the turkey. it is a longstanding tradition at nordstrom, but that does not mean you will not seeing any decorations. in fact, they will probably be up for black friday. and good news as we approach black friday, retail sales are up, and everything from watches to clothing are up. online sales are also up about 10% from this time last year. and as you get ready to shop this holiday season, what kind of customer service will be get? >> we elicited a secret shopper
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to test out consumer service in our area. lisa robinson reports. >> kirsten service at more than one dozen stores in the baltimore area, and afterwards, she will give her overall experience. she is shopping for a child's softball glove and ball. as we were greeted from the set and i walked in the door. >> there is another customer browsing but nobody to help. >> i had to go find someone, and the guy was not very upbeat about helping me, but once engaged, he was ok. >> donovan said it did not seem he wanted to break from what he was doing, but she said that he did. >> the manager at the store was certainly making sure that everybody had good customer service and that everybody was happy. >> and no problems at the register. the cashier was pleasant.
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them the above- average for customer service. next, ellicott city. >> they greeted me right away. >> donovan is shopping for a gift for a 12-year-old girl, and a woman directed her to the children's section, no problem finding it, and donovan waited for the sales person to finish with someone else. >> i asked all kinds of questions. >> on your recommendation, donovan celexa the book "twilight -- on her recommendation, donovan selects the book "twilight," and then she declined help. she also checked out the ladies room in the store. >> smelly. >> she says it looks like it is not intended in a while, but for the overall experience, donovan
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gives it -- >> a c. >> at the hh greg store. >> a very pleasant experience. >> she was given immediate attention, shown to the product display, and it was explained to her. she makes her selection. another good experience. >> everyone was pleasant. >> their service is superior, but you did not know who you were talking to. >> she would have liked name tags, but that was a minor negative, said she gives them a b plus. even the ladies room is clean. she then heads over to the jcpenny. inside the door is a customer service desk, and she was appointed to the jury selection. she is over there, and there was
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someone to help poor -- and she was appointed -- pointed to the jewelry selection. >> then i was told that person was going to have a cigarette. >> donovan does not think it was intentional, but her purchase was rounded up to the nearest dollar, with the money going to the jcpenny after-school program. it was not a large amount, but it still should not have happened. she gives them -- >> a c. >> at whitemarsh, donovan is again shopping for a child softball hindemith and ball. on the way around the sales floor, she finds the display on their own and selects the mit. >> i met with a lady. she told me the little
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differences that they have with the softball glove, and then when i got back, the same person he greeted me checked me out. not anything overly special but really just good, consistent, pleasant service. >> a experience at the sports authority -- >> they are getting a b. >> at the wal-mart in towson, she continues on, looking for someone to help, but she does not see anyone and makes her way to the second floor, looking for the toy section. >> i cannot find anyone and finally found someone to dissections over, and i asked someone, "excuse me, do you work here." and he said, "what do you think?" he also told her to read the box. >> after asking for help and reluctantly helping me, he was very condescending and rude.
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>> she chooses something else. >> as i got to the cash register, a lady said to me, "you must have liked me, because you had all of these registers, and you picked me." >> she does not know if that was a joke. she said the ladies room looks like it needs a good scrubbing. the overall rating -- >> they are getting an f. >> we contacted wal-mart about her experience, and they said they are dedicated to delivering exceptional service every day and at every store. in the event we fall short of that goal, we redouble the efforts to make sure any necessary improvements are made, and the company says "arsis its are working hard to make sure shoppers can find the products they want at the best possible price."
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-- says "our employees are working hard." >> mild temperatures all across the region, and we will see that continue tomorrow before temperatures tried to glove briefly in the middle of the week. overall -- before temperatures try to cool briefly. it will not feel like to november weather until after the holidays. 61 degrees at the inner harbor. only 54 degrees. it is still warm all around the region. temperatures are holding mostly in the low 50's to low 40's, unusually warm for this time of year. a little bit of patchy fog developing, 43 to 54 the early-
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morning temperatures with a sunrise before 7:00, and there are showers rolling for the ohio valley. we will be on the warm side of it. a little piece of that cold air in the west comes in. it is below 0 right now across the northern rockies, northern plains states. the more substantial part of it, the real cool-down, will be in on the weekend, especially friday, saturday, and sunday. you see that line of showers is starting to fall apart. just some hit-or-miss showers. we will see some sun and a few afternoon clouds on wednesday. it will be cooler, a more substantial storm going through the ohio valley on thursday, maybe even a thunderstorm behind that, and that is when the temperatures will sty to it -- start to drop to a more november-like reading.
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a west breeze on the bay averaging 10 knots. near deep creek, showers and 53, and around the bay, a couple of hit and miss showers and still warm. mid 60's in salisbury over to ocean city. the main weather problems are going to be from dallas over to atlanta for the holidays with some snow in the upper midwest, but not near any major airports. by evening on wednesday, chicago may get some wet weather, slowing things down, and still some lingering showers at atlanta. a few scattered rain and show it -- snow showers up near seattle on wednesday. the insta-weather plus 7-day forecast for the big travel day, sunny, breezy, cool weather around baltimore, no major problems. new york, sunni and 49.
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a few flurries to the west of denver, where temperatures will be around freezing. 63 here tomorrow, and then we cool off by 10 degrees on wednesday. thanksgiving will be warm. a thunderstorm is possible in the evening. gusty winds return, dropping temperatures into the 40 pastas by afternoon. saturday and sunday will be dry with highs in the 40's. >> for the ravens, the home stretch of the season is here, but john harbaugh says do not confuse that.
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>> your numbers for this monday, november 22 are -- that will make your numbers -- if no one matches all six numbers on anyone line of the ticket, it will move to over $3 million. the next drawing is thursday night. 11:22. when you play the lottery,
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>> with six games left in the regular season and four of them, including this week's game against tampa and home, the reagans have positioned themselves well for a playoff push. -- the ravens have positioned themselves well. getting back to the super bowl has motivated less -- lewis. he continues to play at a high level, and you rarely find a
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35-year linebacker in the nfl. as we saw sunday in carolina and the influence over the next couple of months, john harbaugh knows he will have to eventually have a retirement talk, but he wants to talk about how well ray lewis continues to play and what it means for their homes this year. >> you know, maybe it is when he is 40 years old that we will have to have that conversation, and maybe we will have a little fight, and i might lose at first, but, ultimately, i think he will be willing to cut down the number of snaps and extend his career, help the team and we pecans. that is the kind of guy he is, -- help the team any way he can. >> further reason for seizing every opportunity in the nfl, they do not last all of that long. brad childers got fired today
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when the vikings told him to take it what. he got fired one day after and the game. they were grumbling about bringing brett favre back this season, and that has apparently backfired. they have found brad difficult to deal with, not just this year but through his entire tenure. only one playoff win in five years and a 3-7 record this year. brad ran out of time today in minnesota. >> it is often hard to articulate why a change is needed, but, obviously, it is important to create a strong positive and successful rest of the season. we wish he and his family only the best. we have named leslie frazier as interim head coach of the minnesota vikings for the rest of this season. >> if you're going to fire somebody, can you not talk about it?
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do you have to read about it? and another player was fined for throwing a roundhouse at ben roethlisberger yesterday. he got ejected for the house he took, but he will not face suspension. as for ben roethlisberger, he did not suffer an injury, but he might want to avoid stepping into the middle of an argument between linemen in the future. and the washington capitals, no team has more problems or a longer losing streak. they were smoking today, washington being handed their third straight loss. first period, that is jersey. the first goal of the night. plenty more to come. still in the first period, jason. it is 2-0, new jersey. again, 5-0. the new jersey devils past the capitals. they have given up eight goals
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in his last so many minutes. this is causing his approval rating to fall in d.c. faster than that of a politician. stick around
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>> warm tomorrow, a to 63 degrees, and then we cool off a little bit on wednesday. another cold front is on thursday and friday morning.
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showers and thunderstorms are even possible on that one, and then temperatures during the day on friday, will be falling through the 40's in the afternoon and then clearing out, setting the stage for a chilly weekend. 47 on sunday. some chilly temperatures for football in baltimore. i think it was about a picture perfect weekend last week. >> tampa bay coming to town this sunday. you want to have a weather edge. >> "the tonight show" is coming up next.
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